2016 Helen Baldwin Award Winner Lori Hartz

This year’s recipient of the Helen Baldwin Award knows the problems the Prairieland United Way funded agencies face, the daily working of the Prairieland United Way office and the strengths and weaknesses of the Prairieland communities.

helen baldwin winner Lori HartzLori joined the board in 2004 – stood up and took action while on the board, simply saying “She Gets It.”  She left the board to become the Executive Director of Prairieland United Way in 2007.  While the Executive Director she assisted with starting the United Warrior Race, brought in new companies to the annual campaign, worked with the funded agencies and improved the relationship with them.   She implemented a new software system that would assist the board with better reporting to make beneficial decisions.    Needless to say, when she decided to change her career the board members were worried.  No need to worry, she assisted the new Executive Director to make a smooth transition.