To lend support or skills to any of the agencies supported by Prairieland United Way, see the list of contacts at Agency contacts

Here are specific volunteer projects for United Way agencies for 2017-2018:


Becky McGinnis 217-245-8371

  • Need handicap ramps constructed. Have materials, need labor to construct
  • Part time receptionist to answer phones, open Monday-Thursday 8 to 5, mostly need afternoon help

Community Childcare

Tilde Holmes 217-245-4240

  • Management of food pantry, someone to organize supplies and take inventory
  • Construction of sign to be used in front of building

Girls Scouts

Pam Kovacevich 217-523-8159

  •  Troop leaders needed. 18 years and older, can be male but would need a female assistant. Meet as little as twice a month to weekly

Midwest Youth Services

Susan Wilson/Beth Secrist 217-245-6000

  • Adult mentors for high school-age teens to partner with working on community service projects
  •  On-call workers needed (bachelor’s degree required)

Prairie Council on Aging (PCOA)

Nancy Thorsen  217-479-4619

  • Home deliver meals for Bread of Love Nutrition program – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Pickup food at Turner High Rise between 10:30 and 11 a.m., delivery in 40 minutes to an hour and return to Turner.  Three routes/four days a week in Jacksonville city limits that need to be delivered. Looking for help with one or all routes on any or all of the days.

Hobby Horse House

Ericka Marshall 217-243-7708

  • Fundraiser event to be held in March, looking for help with running activities at the event

HELPS Ministry

Kathleen Finkle 217-245-7559

  • Male mentor for troubled boys, twice a week for one to two hours. College age or older preferred

Boy Scouts

Jerry Daniels 217-529-2727

  • Help with creating and planning fundraiser events

Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault

Shelley Vaughn 217-744-2560

  • Hotline help, requires 40 hours of training. Other help is needed to man booth at local fairs/events

Red Cross

Monica Coleman 217-787-7602

  • Disaster action team to assist in event of disasters


New Directions

Vanessa Tyus 217-473-0434

  • Meal providers for the first Sunday of each month, and the second Saturday of each month.
  • Meal for 20-30 people, consist of main dish. vegetable, dessert and drinks, meal served between 6-6:30

Crisis Center Foundation

Dona Leanard 217-243-4357

  • Bushes (some large) removed, dug out so they won’t grow back
  • Clean up debris and haul off
  • Clean out large storage shed – this will have to be in warmer weather
  • Power wash fence – warmer weather


Big Brother Big Sister

Cindy Denby 217-243-3821

  • Male mentors needed, over the age of 18 to work with a child one hour per week


Presbyterian Church

Kathy Fellhauer 217-243-3558

  • Rooms that need painting (paint supplied by church)
  • Help planning and organizing fundraising activities