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Prairieland United Way’s Annual Giving Campaign in local workplaces is about bringing people together to tackle our community’s most difficult issues because no one person or organization can do it alone. Whether you’re a small business, major corporation or even a nonprofit, you can join thousands of businesses and organizations nationwide that run workplace campaigns each year.

Participating in the United Way Annual Giving Campaign in your workplace gives organizations and their employees the opportunity to learn about our community’s needs and give them a convenient opportunity to get involved.

From local office supply stores to national manufacturers, we partner with a wide variety of businesses in many different industries and recognize individuals and organizations that run excellent campaigns at our annual meeting.

Every workplace campaign is different and can be shaped around your organization’s culture. Setting up and running a campaign is simple and we can help you every step of the way.

We can help you set up your campaign so that employees can contribute through payroll deductions or easy-to-use online tools. Many companies double their impact by matching their employees’ giving dollar for dollar.

Why Run a Workplace Campaign with United Way?

Running a Giving Campaign is good for your company, good for your employees and good for our community.

Good for your company

  • 75 percent of consumers say they have a more positive image of a company or product when it supports a cause they care about.*

  • We know your time is valuable and we make it as easy as possible for your employees to participate. Depending on your needs, we offer the option of paper or online pledging.

  • United Way processes all donations, even donations directed to other organizations – no need for a third-party pledge processor.

  • Focusing your organization toward a common goal helps energize employees, build morale and increase teamwork. 

  • United Way can help you meet your corporate philanthropy goals and the interests of your employees, while also making your giving dollars go farther.

Good for your employees:

  • Three out of four employees say it is important that the company they work for helps the community. And 65 percent think it is important for a company to offer employees the option to give to charity through payroll deduction.**

  • With payroll deduction, it is easy and convenient for employees to support the community and causes they believe in.

  • Through our volunteer program, your employees can easily sign up for volunteer opportunities that fit their interests and schedules.

Good for the community

  • It is a smart investment. United Way provides the most efficient and effective way to make a difference in our community so you and your employees can give with confidence.

  • When your employees donate to United Way, 100 percent of their gift is invested to help those in need thanks to our Community Sponsors.

  • By helping to secure essential services, while investing in the future of our children, United Way is creating more hopeful futures for generations to come.

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